Sunday, April 09, 2006


Heart-stopping moment last night, but first I must say that all 4 members of this family had a thoroughly enjoyable time yesterday, as evidenced by Jesse's proclamation that "this is turning out to be one of the best days ever!"

The heart-stopping moment came at what should have been a relaxing time in the evening. I'm up to armhole level on my Philosopher's Wool cardigan sweater, toodling along with knitting the body tube over the past couple of months, knowing that eventually I have to do something called a steek. I've never done a steek before, but I was confident that I'd figure it out when the time came. So, I came to the armhole level yesterday and didn't quite understand the instructions that came with the kit, so I decided to read in more detail in the Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified book. La la la la la... Gasp! I knew I needed to steek/cut the center front for a cardigan, but what's this about a single purl stitch that should have been made on every round, all along?! Okay, okay,, I guess I could drop a stitch, let it run all the way down, and then painstakingly purl it back up to make my steek line...right? Please?! guidance...ooh, a whole section on how to fix mistakes...
Oh, thank FSM! No purl row needed! Okay, onward and upward into the land of armhole steeks! No fear! :-)

But first, a family romp with textiles and pyromaniacs. Posted by Picasa


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