Friday, April 28, 2006


I never thought I'd say this...

I'm using spiffy beady stitch markers and I love them. Leah made some from Scott's lampwork beads in the past week or so and encouraged me to give them a try while working on her sweater made of Scott's handspun. To my surprise, I like 'em a lot.

Here's another set Leah made from Scott's dichroic beads.

I thought they'd be heavy. They're not.

I thought they'd get tangled. They don't.

I thought they were just foofy and pointless when a scrap of yarn, tied in a circle, serves the purpose just as well. This may be true, but stockinette can get a little dull and we all get our kicks where we can.

Meanwhile, the sweater is coming along nicely. I cobbled together the pattern using Jackie Fee's Sweater Workshop book. In the pattern panel, I changed the K2togB directions to SSK and think the stitches are cleaner and more symmetrical that way. Only 4 more inches to underarm level, where I'll attach the sleeves. Three cheers for speedy knitting for small humans!
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