Monday, March 28, 2011

a breath of fresh air

This post is for Rani and Laurie and anybody else who is going a little winter stir-crazy right about now.

Pics taken Saturday in NYC, where the very first signs of spring are popping up, where the sun was shining brightly and the day could not have been more delightful.

Hang in there. Warmer days are coming!

Friday, March 25, 2011

well, at least one of us is being creative

I was going to title this that one of us is being productive, but that's not quite right. See, we're both being plenty productive, it's just that I'm being productive at workworkworkworkwork and Leah is being productive in other ways, creative ways, handcrafting ways.

Since we got back from vacation over three weeks ago, I have knit for a grand total of 45 minutes on a scarf for my sister, while at the MIT thing with the kids two weeks ago. :::sigh::: But I'm happy for the work and the new kitchen it's buying us, so no pity party for me. Let's see what the Goob's making, shall we?

With no less than three hoop-skirted 19th century gowns-in-progress in her room right now, this week she put the finishing touches on one! Velvet from the most awesome barter evah. Braided trim from another excellent barter. Muslin from our scrap stash. Vintage buttons and cameo pin from my Gram's house. Sewn entirely by hand. Total cash outlay for this dress: $5 for pattern. Sense of satisfaction: Priceless.

Otherwise, my girl's a happy hooker, having caught the crochet bug. She dug around in the scrap yarns recently, picked up a good audiobook at the library, and emerged from her room a while later with a rainbow bunting to string merrily across the walls of her room.

So, that's that. I gots nothin' of my own to show you. When I'm not working, I'm out walkingwalkingwalking, loving the fresh air and daylight. Reminds me of similar comments on a blog post from exactly a year ago.

As a matter of fact, I managed to arrange a Whole Day Off (almost as rare as knitting time lately) for myself tomorrow and I'm going to pop down to NYC to do a fair bit of walking there. Don't look now, but somewhere along the line, the exercise (walking and a variety of other activities) became enjoyable, something I look forward to every single day and get grumpy about if it doesn't happen. Srsly. I've heard rumors of such a phenomenon, but never, ever thought it would happen to me.

Now, while the day's work is done and there's still glorious daylight out there, I'm heading out for a few miles. After that, I'll be winding yarn and gathering supplies for a new little traveling project because there will be train time tomorrow and, you know, I am still me.
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

They're everywhere

Kids had plans to participate in a math/sci/general goofiness event at MIT today.

I had to smile when we realized Fiber Camp was happening on the same day, in the same place.

Who are all these yarnies and why do they keep following me?!

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Early mornings

Just me, the sunrise, and some fun cables.

It's too big, so I think it'll be worn more like a jacket than a sweater. 'Sokay with me.

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