Tuesday, January 11, 2011

making the most of what we have

'Round here, we don't have power jobs, whopping incomes, or impressive connections, but we are really good at making the most of what we have and turning our unused stuff into things we want. That's how some recent barter offers on Ravelry helped us pass our unused things on to people who could enjoy them. So far, we've ended up with

a glorious pile of velvets, satins, and brocades (all the way from North Carolina via a generous Raveler and a good friend) to make a young seamstress squeal with joy,
a half dozen skeins of luscious handpainted yarns (rec'd on my b'day!), and more packages still to come.

Simple pleasures, boundless joy.
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Blogger LaurieM said...

Beautiful fabrics. What a luxury to have so many possibilities to explore and play with and not have to worry about price.

10:53 AM  
Blogger Rani said...

Oh, you lucky, thrifty girl.

By the way, thank you so much for your kind words regarding Leo. Life is settling down.

Can't wait to see that daughter of yours translate that fabric into beautiful things.

2:04 PM  
Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Happy birthday, I'd call that power bartering! Enjoy it all

9:14 PM  
Blogger Delaney's Duds said...

so many times i have been unable to count my lucky stars, because I have so many of them. we are truly blessed. :o) Happy for you guys! now get crackin' so we can see what goobs comes up with!!!

6:24 PM  
Blogger Faith said...

What a great, practical idea!

9:07 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

That is one happy girl surrounded by fabrics :)


8:01 AM  

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