Sunday, May 22, 2011

this wk, the stats version

miles walked: 35+

days of rain: 6

car maintenance cost: $1,900. ouch.

concerts seen: 1

average # of social encounters per visit to Whole Foods: 3

new jeans size: 12

lacy Baktus completed: #4? or is it 5?

avg # of social encounters while on walks: 1+

hoops made: 7

rocket launches attended: 1

rockets launched: zillions

evening walks/visits with friends: 3

inches left to go on body of Ingrid cardigan: ~6

kumquats munched: 20+

harmonicas bought for upcoming class: 2

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

hey, I made something!

New kitchen, new dishcloths.
They're small, so I made two.
Fun to crochet for a change!

Old friend, very good friend.
From Minnesota, on Long Island for the weekend.
So nice to reconnect.

The whole day felt a lot like this moment looked.
Bonus: Found a fab juice bar!

Time on the ferry gave me a chance
to reconnect with another old friend,
the sticks and string. Ahh.
Good day and home in time to walk 4 miles before bed.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

anything goes

Sometimes a seamstress may feel a little steampunk.

Sometimes she may prefer the Civil War era.

At Costume Con, held in New Jersey this year, anything goes. Costume enthusiasts of all eras and genres gather together to strut their stuff, share techniques and resources, take workshops, and be inspired.

Leah was tickled to win an award for one of her outfits.

And now she's 13. It'll be fun to see where her fiber/textile passions will take her this year! Go, Goob, and happy birthday!
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Monday, May 09, 2011

the big catch-up

Whoa. Yeah, it's been a while. Hold on tight and I'll do a quick summary of what's been going on 'round here. It's been a wild ride.

Leah finished sewing another historic gown, attended another vintage ball, danced all night. Dinner at Ethiopian restaurant first. Yum.

Scott and Jesse spent a few days in Delaware for Red Glare rocketry event (just like the one last fall).

Scott and his buddies went camping/fishing for the annual weekend festivities for opening day of trout season.

Leah took a pottery class. Had fun with her first attempts on a wheel.

Kitchen electrical work done and appliances delivered. Scott's in the process of sheetrocking. Cabinet installation scheduled in a couple of weeks.

Kids and I saw the orchid show at New York Botanical Garden. Haven't been there since 2006. The place is super cool.

I moved out, got my own apartment. Not easy, but it was time. We're all adjusting.

Leah and I spent a weekend in New Jersey for Costume-Con. She won an award for one of the outfits she sewed.

Ireland 4/11

Spent a week in Ireland. Stunningly beautiful. Totally mellow. Click through for the photo album. Giant's Causeway!
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