Friday, November 26, 2010

go-abroad knitting

It was cold out yesterday. Luckily, a knitter's family is well equipped for such weather.

Number of handknits in use among the five of us (including a nephew who came along for the day) at Old Sturbridge Village: 11.

Loved this quote about go-abroad knitting, since I, of course, had mine along for the day and got a couple of repeats in while listening to some Native American storytelling. Later, back at home, I added a few more inches to my Minimalist cardigan. Noticed this morning that I twisted a cable in the wrong direction, so after I get some work done, I'll fix that up and then hopefully move forward some more. I seem to have picked up a little bit of a cold (no surprise, as Scott and Leah were sick this week), so I'm looking forward to planting myself firmly in front of the tv for a movie or two tonight.
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