Friday, January 01, 2010

deathflake z

Leah knit these mittens for cousin Zach for Christmas. She did a mash-up of the Deathflake chart and an opening evolved from the Peekaboo mittens (so he could poke his fingertips out when he needs to, except she overlapped the ribbed flaps for warmth), using Ella Rae yarn that's a heavier weight than called for, so they're super thick. She switched to smaller needles for the top solid black section, to keep the peekaboo ribbing from bulging out and also keep the solid black section the same gauge as the stranded portions.

I know the mittens look like the left one is way smaller than the right, but that's an optical illusion because this picture was taken on a pile of fresh snow, so the left one is at a different angle than the right, but you can't tell because it's all disappearing whiteness! They match and they're cool.


Thanks for all the input on the Estonian Garden Wrap. You all came up with some excellent ideas, potential solutions that I hadn't even thought of. Ruth, especially, thanks for the idea of doing the ends in the darker yarn and the center section in the lighter skein. I think that would be the best option if I had my heart set on making this pattern using these two skeins and nothing else.

Even though "quit yer fussin'" is slightly ahead in votes, I think Deb R :::howdy neighbor!::: hit the nail on the head when she said if it's bugging me now, I'll never be happy with it, so I'm leaning toward tearing the whole thing out. No biggie. But I'm also not going to rush because one other idea has since popped into my head. I bought this yarn at Spa Knit and Spin last Feb. and will be there again in just two short months. The Woolen Rabbit will be a vendor there again this year, so maybe I'll write to Kim and ask her to bring the darkest skeins she has of that Arabian Nights colorway and I'll see if I can match it up there.

If not (or even maybe if so), LaurieM was kind enough to put up a pic of a sweater she has in progress, made from a free pattern I've had my eye on for a long time, and that led me to browse other versions of that sweater on Ravelry, which led me to this version. Substitute in some Woolen Rabbit purple for the yoke, a cone of midnight blue Harrisville heathered yarn for the body, and whoa, could be awesome. Or maybe some spectacular twisted stitch gloves from Laris' designs. Options galore!

Off to play with fire. :-)
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Blogger LaurieM said...

The deathflake mittens are awesome. Full of thoughtful details that I hope are appreciated.

I like the idea of your color combo for the yoked sweater. Will you be working it top down too? Cardigan or pullover?

5:50 PM  

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