Wednesday, December 23, 2009


There's been a flurry of activity around here. I have a feeling we're not the only ones experiencing this (and enjoying it).

A flurry of bead transactions online and in real life.

A flurry of finishing projects, including early morning stealth Kitchener stitching and a secret blocking place.

A flurry of bakery orders on a nonstandard schedule.

A big flurry of snowflakes a few days ago = only about 8" here, much more in not too far away.

A flurry of work that my clients are clearing off their desks and depositing on mine. But it's like hot potato. I don't want it here over the weekend either, so a flurry of trying to get it all done and covering for some people who are out on vacation.

A flurry of visits from friends as they pass through town and unexpected visits with people we bump into at assorted events.

And a full-on blizzard of smiles when Leah finished a bunny with dress (and sweater!)

and gave it to the little girl she babysits.
Also a flurry of handknits scooped up and given new homes when the knitting box was offered at a family gathering last weekend. Yahoo -- so nice to see the things we make be so enthusiastically received!


Quickie blog post. Two shakes of a lamb's rabbit's tail and I'm back to work again. On a mission to clear the desk! Not late, not stressed, just psyched!
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Blogger Christina said...

Darling bunny! What a sweet gift.

10:11 PM  
Blogger Rani said...

That really is a darling little bun bun. What a cool daughter you have!

I'm loving the snow!!!!! We have some here, now too. It's about time!

1:19 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

What a cute bunny!

All gifts were not done in time. It got to the point of either enjoying the holiday or stressing the gift. My daughter can get her mittens a few days late and not be dissapointed. She still hasn't figured out that I am knitting them for her!

12:16 AM  

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