Saturday, December 05, 2009


This week felt like we were navigating the crazy minefield of life. Among many, many other challenges and crises for those around us, we had half a day of no electricity and, later the same day, a water main break that eroded beneath our street and threatened to collapse part of it into the nearby ravine.

Yes, really.
"Please drive to the left, sir. We're concerned about a collapse,"
sez water company dude at the end of our driveway one evening.

Yesterday afternoon and evening presented the opportunity for a bit of a breather. After dropping Leah off for a ukulele band gig (where, BTW, the assisted living place's residents know how to par-tay!), Jesse and I headed out for a nice walk.

We were astounded to find blooming roses -- in December! in Connecticut!! -- and springtime blossoms on the poor, confused trees. We walked randomly, unfamiliar with the surrounding area just a short distance off a main road lined with retail places -- and we all know how I feel about retail places. I couldn't believe it when we looked to the right and saw a wide path leading off into a patch of forest! And so we headed off into the woods, shuffling through the leaves. Ahh. Part A of feeling a little more grounded.

Part B was then heading off to Old Sturbridge Village for their Christmas By Candlelight event, which has been mentioned here many times before. Spending the evening making memories with my family, nibbling gingerbread and sipping mulled cider, listening to live music, chilly air and a beautiful setting, bumping into friends, a magic show, a hug from Santa, a horse-drawn carriage ride, and a barn dance...

Leah and the other dancers going
'round for the next part of the fun.
She in her best 1840s-ish garb, including
dress she sewed,
mittens I knit, tippet and snood that she knit.
Total count of handknits in use among us for the evening? 12!

Ahh! That's better!! Refreshed!
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Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

That's a lot of drama in one week! Glad you're back in stride.

10:05 AM  

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