Wednesday, July 08, 2009

w-w-what's happening to me?

There's sumpin' fishy going on. Lately, I'm drooling over all sorts of crocheted projects.

I crocheted through much of my childhood, making clowns and blankets galore, but I've barely picked up a hook in the past 15 years, except to teach Leah how to crochet.

Then, suddenly, there's this infinity wrap and this star flower mandala (scroll down to the 5th set of pics) and this stained glass window afghan and these magnificent rugs made of reclaimed yarn from old sweaters!

Then and now, if I did pick up a hook, I'd love it to be my favorite one, the Susan Bates H hook that fits my hand just right and was the tool I used for every single clown and blanket I've ever made. The thumb rest is a scootch further up or down on this old hook than on the newer hooks and it makes all the difference in the comfort for my hands. Even my kids know that one is special and they should keep their cotton pickin' hands off of it. If the H size won't cut it for whatever crochet project I do finally settle on, I'll probably try the Clover soft touch crochet hooks for comfort.

Gotta love the multicraftual buzz.
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Blogger LaurieM said...

They are gorgeous projects, but still not enough to tempt me to the hook.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Peggy said...

Hey, girl -- I crochet as well, and have also been having' the hook on me mind! -- I went so far as to buy angora and wool to fashion a helmet. It was real cool to come to your page from Google Images, the pic of the woman with all the Mandala rugs on the porch.

I am slowly posting Mandalas in conjunction with a Meditational Journey to create, or "vision" what you dream of, and making it a seed, to plant, grow and nurture to fruition. It was to be Lenten, but I am a heathen.

Kudus to you, and a thank-ee for another nudge back to the craft!

I'm Peggy. Nice to meet'cha.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Inga said...

Where is this lovely woman who makes the crocheted rugs? I somehow want to know her...funny what a picture does. Thanks,

9:48 PM  

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