Sunday, June 21, 2009

if you build it...

If you build an awesome farmers' market, they will come.

It rained hard all night. Areas of the field were ankle deep mud. Vendors with heavy trucks were encouraged to take the day off, for fear that they'd get into the field, but not out again, so there were about half as many vendors as usual.

But the rain stopped for a few well-timed hours. The cow bell rang to signal the start of the market and, sure enough, the customers came!

The band began playing one good song after another. The organic gardening demos got underway and the wood-fired pizzas were being baked to order. History came alive again at the Nathan Hale Homestead.

There were happy dogs taking their owners out for an adventure, dads celebrating Father's Day in a beautiful place, adults in silly rain boots, and a cute baby in a hat crocheted by her mama.

For a very short time, there was just the slightest hint of rain, not enough for the many umbrellas to be put to use or for people to even seek shelter. Then, for a while, the clouds parted and the big ball of fire in the sky proved to waterlogged Connecticut that it's still up there.

And the market cheered!
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Blogger christinemm said...

Does Scott sell breads there? Beads too? Your soaps?

Sounds wonderful.

5:53 AM  

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