Wednesday, January 14, 2009

jaws' natural predator

Squirt, mild-mannered maiden when his humans are home

Crazed attacker of shark hats and protector of his domain when left in charge.

Jaws has not succumbed to injuries sustained and will live to face his tiny foe another day.

Meanwhile, the Knitters mesmerize a guy passing by, who did a double take and a U-turn to ask all sorts of questions.

Looking forward to arrival of double amber purple glass today so Scott can make the beads and buttons required for finishing Sylvi! Also, since we've been out for five of the last seven evenings, looking forward to a quiet night at home. 
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Blogger Turtle said...

lol, how funny! cute shark hat as well, kind of reminds me of "brainmonster"

10:46 AM  

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