Friday, January 09, 2009

from the archives

You know it's winter when Scott pulls out this toasty sweater. I knit it for him almost 20 years ago (holy time warp, Batman, 20 YEARS?! how did that happen?!!!) out of some superwash Lopi substitute. I must've made a half dozen sweaters from this pattern, including one that I made for my sister in three days in the 80s, the remnants of which were used in some scrappy hats (here and here) for charity in 2007. I gave all of the sweaters away and doubt any of the others are still around, but Scott likes his a lot and it's holding up very well. I was living in a knitterless vacuum at the time, knitting and crocheting while trekking around on Grateful Dead tours with a bunch of my friends. Not quite what you'd imagine someone doing on a Dead tour, eh? Oh so much fun!

It's funny how I can think back all the way through my life and peg what handcrafts fit into what era. The hobbies have shifted through the years, but there's always been something.

My brother-in-law (who rec'd a navy/red/gray version of this sweater) once asked if I might implode if my hands were still for 10 minutes. If I'm lucky, we'll never find out. :-)
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