Tuesday, December 02, 2008

don't be a grump

I saw a cool picture on Ravelry yesterday morning, posted by someone in Australia, showing how the moon, Jupiter, and Venus are aligned right now in such a way that it makes a smiley face. When Leah and I were heading out yesterday evening, we noticed that, from here, it's an upside down grumpy face!
What's a sure fire way to turn that frown upside down? Craft night!

After a steady stream of celebrations and visits with friends this past long holiday weekend, it was nice to wind down with some friends and their works-in-progress last night. I am *finally* moving forward on the saddle shoulders of Jesse's Durrow-like sweater again, using EZ's saddle shoulder construction guidelines. It's slow going and bulky to maneuver, but I am again psyched to see how it'll turn out.

Thanks for all the comments so far on the santa sheep giveaway and your Christmas traditions. Such fun to read!

p.s. ohmigosh, you guys, wait till you see the beads Scott made this morning. GORGEOUS! Pics soon!
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