Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the gimpster knitter

When last we saw our Intrepid Young Knitter, she had a newly diagnosed avulsion fracture of her left foot. A visit to the orthopedist provided her with a whole new level of stylish footwear.

And how does any serious knitter respond when advised to keep her foot up and rest? "Woo Hoo! More knitting time!"

Like a happy cat in a warm sunbeam, she settled into a comfortable chair with an ipod full o' fantastic podcasts, some semi-solid Araucania yarn, and her cable needle necklace received as a gift from our friend, Leslie Wind. It's pretty enough to wear as a necklace and convenient to use because it's always right there, hanging from its cord.

The cable-crazed kid combined some cables and garter stitch with a funky button from Dad's button stash to come up with one of her newest neckwarmers. The gimpster's on a roll...more to come.
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Blogger amy said...

Your kids are always up to interesting things. ;)

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Kris said...

How I love Leah's way of seeing the world! I hope she hangs in there, feels better soon and enjoys the knitting time while she heals...

9:39 PM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

At least she can knit with her avulsion fracture. Mine was the stupid finger and kept me knitless for weeks.

Get better, soon.

11:10 PM  
Blogger thinggtwoo said...

Oh, I hope her foot knits as quickly as she does! :)

9:39 PM  

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