Thursday, November 13, 2008


When we were headed for x-rays of Leah's foot a while back, I knew there was a potential for some wait time, so I quickly grabbed a small ball of leftover handspun and a ball of mystery gray wool leftover from who knows what. I also printed the free pattern for Brooklyn Tweed's Turn A Square hat.
Upon casting on in the waiting room, I realized that my yarn was significantly thicker than the pattern calls for, so I cast on 68 stitches, I think, instead of the suggested number, and went from there. I may also have been using a different needle size, but I don't remember now. Just winged it, knowing it would fit someone, somewhere. Sho' 'nuf!
Another day, when in need of a quick and simple project, I printed out the free pattern for this cute baby sheep hat.

I grabbed 4-5 small balls of leftover sock yarns in greenish colorways, a little leftover natural alpaca, and a bit of the Blue Note colorway from The Painted Sheep. I used three sock yarns at a time, adding in a different ball whenever I ran out of one of the strands. The ivory alpaca was knit 2 strands at once and the blue is a worsted weight, so 1 strand at a time for that one. The black (2 strands Dalegarn Baby Ull) is duplicate stitched in afterwards and the whole thing is thick and squishy. It's toddler-sized and the sheep are fuzzy soft. Adorable, I think!

Again I have to cheer for knitting -- flexible enough to go anywhere, fit into moments of free time, and make useful items from little bits of leftover supplies!
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Blogger Turtle said...

both very nice...printing the baby sheep pattern as i type!

10:21 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

I really live the sheep one! I saw your working on it at the farmer's market, and meant to ask you about it...but restless husbands always get in the way :)

8:34 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

woops..I meant to say "love", not "live"

8:34 PM  

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