Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hmm. The munchkin has been indulging in the high end fibers lately and she likes them. A lot.

First there was the cabled neckwarmer she made out of a silk blend.

Then a Noro and alpaca hat that was expected to be a tam, but didn't turn out that way, but we like it this way better anyway.

Then she plowed right on into the big time -- 100% cashmere. There's no turning back now!

Luckily, between the kindness of assorted knitterly folks, and her income from selling the neckwarmers she makes from her own designs, and the bartering power of some pretty buttons and silly stitch markers, and our enthusiasm for repurposing yarns, her taste for the good stuff doesn't break the bank.

Total cost to us for the above three projects? $8.

Entertainment/social/experiential value? Priceless.


Whew! I think I'm caught up with the FO parade now. Good thing too, since there's something blocking at this moment and an excellent knitting road trip on the calendar for later today. 
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