Friday, November 21, 2008

a path less traveled

This morning I was reading the blog of a new knitter who is having trouble with a new project and is, understandably, frustrated. All I could do was smile and commiserate. Let's take a look at my current works in progress, shall we?

1. Brown sweater for Jesse: Yoke and saddle shoulders torn out. Slowly moving forward again, but ready for this project to be off the needles, since it was thiiis close a couple of weeks ago and had to take a major step backward.
2. Navy alpaca neckwarmer: Not enough yarn to finish it and I'll be damned if I'm going to buy yet another skein when there's so much here already. Need to either modify the design or abandon entirely. And plan better in the future.
3. Burgundy lacy cowl: A little too snug around the neck, maybe? Pattern requires some concentration. Not a take-along. And exactly how many of these neckwarmer thingies do I need, anyway?!
4. Mittens for Leah: Stalled because I'm trying to focus on the other projects and can only do this pattern when able to count and concentrate.

So, as of last night, a bump in all roads currently being traveled. Full stop.

Consulted no maps. Did not stop to ask for directions. Changed course in the most random possible way.

Dug out the glass scraps and made little xmas trees with Jesse! They're amateur as can be and we were bumbling idiots in the process, laughing at ourselves every step of the way, but I love them beyond reason.
(The swirl on the blue one is a soldered-over squiggle from Fiber-Craft Day workshop with Leslie Wind.) Aren't they fumbly bumbly fun?! Gotta start somewhere.

Then on to a warm spot near the wood stove, curious to see just how fine this newbie spinner can spin. Two oz. of merino-tencel blend from the stash and, ooh, that's pretty!
Knitting problems? What knitting problems?!
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Blogger Turtle said...

smiling at the wip's. i have a little stash as well and they get picked up and put down dependingon my frame of mind. LOVE the little trees! those would seriously sell well as tea light candle holders or the single trees for ornaments, i'd buy them!

10:17 AM  
Blogger amy said...

I love the trees, too, even more for their imperfections. You can't sell those, though. Those are yours and Jesse's fun, bumbling, happy memory in the form of trees. You'd have to make and sell OTHER little trees!

10:26 AM  
Blogger kathleen said...

I LOVE your little trees! So cute in a window, on the tree in front of a light - or as a nightlight! Really sweet designs. Thanks for sharing them.

10:54 AM  
Blogger Faith said...

Sorry about all of your project frustrations! I've had that happen before, and it just saps the knitting mojo straight out of me.

Those glass trees are way too cute!

Your handspun is looking lovely. Look forward to seeing how that turns out when plied up!

3:20 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

Some awesome colors there. I love the trees you and Jesse made. What great ornaments!

8:48 AM  

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