Monday, August 25, 2008

ruh ro, Shaggy

or maybe it's "Danger, Will Robinson! She's got that crazed look in her eyes! Somebody hide the spinning wheel!!"

I woke up this morning and practically jumped out of bed so I could go and admire my pretty new skein of handspun yarn.

I am now wearing it around my neck like a big, soft, fuzzy, slightly damp but oh so pretty necklace. (Have I mentioned that it's teal, burgundy, and gold? Yum!) Plenty of room for improvement, but not half bad either.

I'm working for much of today, but my mind has already browsed the roving stash and locked onto the roving that's likely to get some spinning action later this afternoon.

I'm having fleeting thoughts about how it's a mighty good thing that fiber festival season is coming up because there will certainly be lots of great roving up for grabs. As if, within the next few weeks, I'm going to plow through the 20+ lbs. of roving currently in my stash. Ha!


Blogger Lorraine said...

Sounds like a heavenly time! What a way to end the summer.

7:18 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

Sounds like somebody is hooked! Are you going to Rhinebeck?

8:26 AM  

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