Friday, August 01, 2008

a colorful life

So, I was lamenting how my scarf still looks the same, just longer, and thinking about how Leah's devouring more books than yarn of late (not that I mind), and Scott's cooking up baked goods more than beads/buttons, and Jesse...well, Jesse's still building assorted launcher/projectile combinations, but those don't go with the focus of this blog quite so well. In short, I was beginning to wonder if I'd run out of things to blog about. But then I uploaded recent pics and noticed this colorful collection of Wednesday-ness. :-)

A necklace Leah and I strung from Scott's beads to spiff up her outfit and complement her orange bandana.

A lace ribbon scarf of Jojoland yarn, knit among a couple thousand(?) people at a town concert.

Schweeet hot rods among the 100+ classic cars gathered for the same summer concert.

A pin that Leah stitched and beaded from a Mill Hill kit. Shiny!

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