Wednesday, August 06, 2008

could be the start of something good

In the beginning: Surprise vegs, pickles, and pesto dropped off by thoughtful friends.
In the end: Fresh dinners of locally grown produce, canning session resulting in pickles and beans for winter.

In the beginning: Old wool given to me by my Gram when she was cleaning out her house to move to an apartment.
In the end: Edelweiss mittens for Leah.

In the beginning: A few bags of the 30 colors of Peace Fleece stashed in my dining room closet.
In the end: My psyched sister and her friend, off to roll a zillion felted balls to make into a supercool rug. (This is only the beginning. They'll be back for more colors later.)

I had to laugh last night when I looked around and realized that projects actively in motion in my house at that moment included:
- renovating a porch
- canning pickles and beans
- felt ball-making
- soapmaking to fill some orders
- knitting a hat on commission
- prep for dinner of Thai food
- glass buttons annealing in the kiln

Just another evening in an average American household. ha!
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Blogger Donna said...

Wow - that is alot of balls to felt!

Very ambitious your sister is.

Looks like you are enjoying your summer. Hope all is well and we will see you soon!

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Elizabeth said...

I am salivating at all your veggies!

Dennis has a ton of canning equipment just WAITING! We just couldn't manage a garden this year (landlords might disapprove). But he's chomping at the bit. Maybe we will visit our fave farmstand in Ellington and stock up and can...

8:44 AM  

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