Sunday, August 31, 2008

mermaid and merman on the Cape

My mom had a timeshare place at the Cape for the week, so Scott and the kids joined her for the beginning of the week and I went for the last few days. The weather was almost entirely sunny, not too hot, just right.

Fun times included swimming, mini golf, beach, factory tours, swimming, SkipBo, lighthouses, fishing,
swimming, glassblowing, marinas, swimming, a classic car collection, beautiful gardens, swimming, foosball, trampolining (yup, even for me and mom!),

fantastic food, swimming, historic sites, Cosmic Wimpout, delightful cottages, swimming, knitting,

and swimming!

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Blogger Donna said...

Those trampolines look like a blast! I love the Cape. We want to get out there one more time before it gets too cold.

We might get to the Franklin Fiber Twist. Have to see what funds are available after Rhinebeck!

How's the spinning going?

12:01 PM  

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