Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Not a peep out of the Goob as she made super secret plans to hang with her Grammy on Sunday afternoon, but Grammy is an incredible quilter and the Goob is increasingly sewing-obsessed, so I figured there'd be fabric and thread in the equation. Also Grammy has a fantabulous sewing machine that's probably worth more than my car and, of course, that's like the holy grail for a 9-year-old seamstress wannabe. She was nearly bursting with pride when she came home later that afternoon and presented me with this beoooooootiful drawstring bag. Perfect for holding the sock-knitting project du jour and/or whatever else I fancy. It's lined and everything. We are especially tickled by the fancy swirly stitch added to the edge of the top cuff in coordinating variegated thread.
Much of the weekend was spent among my peeps -- crafty homeschooling moms. Works in progress included knitting, spinning, felting, quilting, cross stitching, scrapbooking, and one preparing her photographic prints for sale. Conversation meandered to include freeform crochet and hardanger, so I thought I'd post a pic of one of my past hardanger projects here, in case Gretchen follows up to see some of what I was talking about. This is yet another Emie Bishop design, mostly plain ol' cross stitch, but with a touch of hardanger and some drawn thread work and other stitch variations too. Since this one is mounted with muslin behind the linen, it's probably more difficult to see the hardanger and other cut thread work, but maybe clicking for the big pic will help.

And since I'm talking about peeps today, I just couldn't resist putting up the most recent I Can Has Cheezburger post. I cannot tell you how many times that goofy site has made me laugh until I cried, causing my family to rush into my office to join in on the fun.

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Blogger amy said...

I got a little silk project bag from Webs for socks and other little projects, but Leah's is much nicer. And I wish I lived closer, so I could hang with the crafty homeschooling moms too!

I had to look up Durrow on Ravelry as I wasn't familiar with it. Gorgeous cables! (I assume you meant the Magknits one?)

7:38 AM  

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