Thursday, February 21, 2008


Just a quick pop-in at an Internet cafe to say HOLY GUACAMOLE, we saw a lot of whales today! We were out at Molokini crater for a snuba trip, but the whales are all over the place, so it was an impromptu whale watching tour. Someone called it whale soup and that's a good description. We're watching their spouts from our lanai every morning and oohing and ahhing about the sunset every evening. It's hard for me to pay attention to the road as we're driving the convertible along the shore and everybody's pointing out whales all along. We saw one breach within 10 minutes of seeing the ocean, and that was after seeing many of them from the little plane we took to this island.

On Maui now, having checked out Oahu earlier and on to the Big Island soon. Leah has fully transformed into a floral bedecked island girl and Jesse got his life-long wish of breathing underwater. Jesse, Scott, and Bren are ready to sign up for scuba lessons.

A million fantabulous things, but the whales are at the top of the list. Brought tears to our eyes, to see so many, so close. A mom and calf swam under and along our boat! Wow. Just wow.

I'm on a Mac and Firefox, both of which are new to me, so this tiny post has taken way more time than you'd imagine, although I have to admit that both the computer and the software are super cool. Gotta run, though. I've been out of the water almost long enough to have on a dry bathing suit and there's a beach calling my name. :-) Woo hoo -- wish you all were here!


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