Sunday, February 03, 2008

the other one

There are at least two confirmed fiber fanatics in this house. One has been working waaayyyyy too much to have much to show here, but the other seems to have gained momentum on all fronts of late, thus allowing me feed the blog when my own efforts would have amounted to a fairly weak post.

In the kitchen department, Leah is following recipes with glee. Scott and I were both busy with work on Thursday morning, which happened to be his birthday, so she headed off to the kitchen on her own and the next thing I know, there's a 2-layer white cake with chocolate chips, made from scratch and decorated by hand in the silliest of ways.
At Friday's knit night, she put the finishing touches on a pair of socks. These knit in Big Mexiko (yes, that's how it's spelled) yarn, which makes a thick pair of socks that she especially likes because they were not a huge undertaking. She got lucky with the stripes matching, but I think that was helped along by making one sock foot longer than the other. ;-) These were knit toe-up in an improvised pattern.
In the beginners' quilting department, she is learning the importance of accurate cuts and accurate seam allowances. Because she didn't take this advice as seriously as she could have at first, there were definite struggles in putting together this first block for her quilt-block-a-month club at the local quilt shop, but we're looking at it as a learning process with much room for improvement. (The block I made had different issues, so we're both learning!) Looking forward to the next one.

Clearing off some bobbins in preparation for loaning out her wheel to a wannabe spinner friend resulted in this skein of handspun that progresses from lavender to powder pink to cotton candy pink. This is mystery wool from the spinning stash, possibly part of the haul from Spa Knit and Spin last winter.

In the air this morning, there's fiber and fabric excitement of a different kind. More about those, and hopefully a newly completed sweater, next time!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too am a quilter/knitter. When I'm not quilting, I am knitting.

I also have a website with a blog and podcast you might be interested in looking at.

Happy Quilting,

Annie Smith

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