Tuesday, October 16, 2007

rolling, rolling, rolling

So many things rolling along here, bit by bit -- porch renovation, job evolution, interior redecorating, vacation plans in progress, kidstuff. All good. The knitting and other hobbies fit into the spaces in between, not getting much attention at all, but suddenly, hey, those socks are ready for bind-off!

I don't think of socks as a work-in-progress. I keep 'em simple and always have some on the needles. They're just there -- a pair in the car, a pair in the knitting bag -- waiting to fill some time if the hands aren't busy but the mind is. These are Sockotta yarn, bought way back before I realized that I'm not crazy about its texture. Good 'nuf for growing tootsies.

The stealth knitting project, luckily, also does not require much attention now that it's underway.

Firmly underway. Actually, 2/3 complete! Still loving it, process and product. Pic on Ravelry, where the intended recipient is not a member and cannot peek. Shh! :-) I updated my projects there recently too. And yes, it's wonderfully soft, not nearly as steel wool-ish as it appears in magnified form above. If work on it continues at the present pace, it could be a finished object within a week! Then what? So many options! Eep -- such fun!


Blogger Lorraine said...

I know you don't like the texture of the yarn but the pattern sure is pretty. My Sockotta's seem to be wearing very well, so I'm hoping the discomfort of handling it is worth it for the durability. Otherwise . . .

8:31 PM  

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