Tuesday, August 21, 2007

few quick things

I spent much of today reconnecting with someone who has been a friend for 25 years and am about to head out for what will certainly be another pleasant time with a friend this evening, so I'm going to make this quick.

First, a blurry pic of a pair of thrummed mittens knit partially by Leah and partially by me. They're a kit we picked up at a local farm last year. We added more thrums than the pattern indicated so they wouldn't have bald spots in their soft inside fluffy warmth. I would knit any future mittens in the round, but they turned out well enough and she'll be happy to have them this winter.

Next is a pic of Leah and Jesse outside the Norman Rockwell Museum, where we visited on Saturday morning. I'm mostly posting this shot for my Gram, who may remember the last time we visited this museum, with her, when I had Leah in a sling and toddler Jesse was just the right size for that tiny funky cement sculpture chair in the distance. Since we were in the area of the Norman Rockwell Museum and clearly overdue for a re-visit, we snagged the free pass from the library the day before, stopped in, and all enjoyed it very much.

Then off to the Age of Iron weekend at Hancock Shaker Village. This was their annual blacksmithing event, where my young blacksmith hoped to get some input about challenges he has faced with his own forge. He talked with many blacksmiths, observed even more of them at work, and spent the next afternoon happily banging on hot metal at home. Leah and I, of course, eventually wandered off to check out the weaving and spinning rooms of the village. In case anybody's interested, they're having a spinning week in October.

More soon, but for now, there's Thai food calling my name. Yum!
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Blogger Lorraine said...

I am so far behind on my blog reading. What a great couple of posts and wonderful FO's. Love the fisherman mitts. I have a feeling my airsoft gun toting Hockeyboy will want a pair of those for winter. You know, for those quick reloads.

And the thrummed mittens are on my to-do list for winter.

10:40 AM  

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