Friday, August 17, 2007


Every once in a while I find that there are a whole bunch of tidbits collected in my head, little things that I want to mention on the blog but they just sort of pile up and wait until I get around to it. Today I'm getting a round tuit. In no particular order:

1. Even when I expect it, I always get a little surprise to see myself (green shirt, first The Good pic), the Goob (2nd shot in the young knitters section), some of our fave peeps (front row, 2nd The Good pic), or stuff we've made pop up on the Internet.

2. We ordered red wiggler worms for vermicomposting. I am looking forward to having them turn our food scraps into nourishment for my house plants. Scott and Jesse are looking forward to their arrival for an entirely different reason.

3. Free summer concerts are so much fun. Especially when they're Motown.

4. Yahoo Photos is shutting down, so they make it easy to move pics to Flickr, but my captions seem to have gotten lost in the transfer. Did any of you have the same thing happen? Am I SOL or would a re-transfer solve the problem? Meanwhile, I've updated our travel links in the sidebar to reflect the new Flickr location of the albums.

5. When we decided to see Comedy of Errors performed by a bawdy group of Shakespearean performers whose performance we enjoyed very much last year, it was especially fun to discover that the setting for the play is a place we've visited recently, Ephesus. It was even more fun to have the follicularly-challenged husband picked out of the crowd to participate in a portion of the play that talks about the benefits of being hair-free, including "The one, to save the money that he spends in trimming; the other, that at dinner they should not drop in his porridge." Bwahahaha! Among the audience, we spotted a knitter in the wild. Upon chatting with her, we learned that she was knitting stockings on size 000 needles for Old Sturbridge Village, which was right up the road and where we spent the remainder of that weekend.

6. One day recently, there were two people in this family who both needed to use the sewing machine for their projects du jour. Both were happy with their results and both are under age 13.

7. Cliff's Upholstery in East Hartford is a good choice if you need reupholstery of some furniture. They did our sofa, loveseat, and chair with ottoman in two weeks. As soon as I choose fabric for one more chair, they'll get that one too and I will breathe a big sigh of relief to have those projects moved to the "finished" category on my mental list. I cannot stifle my glee at being able to sit on real furniture in our living room for the first time in six months.

8. We stopped using shampoo almost two months ago, switching instead to a baking soda and vinegar no poo option. We expected a transition period of ratty hair, but that didn't happen. Our hair is as clean as it ever was and healthier than before. A box of baking soda and a bottle of white vinegar (works just as well as cider vinegar) will last us a Very Long Time. No chemicals, minimal product consumption, and the baking soda box will eventually feed our plants (see #2 above). It is amazing to me that the entire shampoo and conditioner section of the grocery store is unnecessary. As usual, simpler fits us better.

9. A scoop of gelato and a rambling walk around the town center with the Grandma can make for an outstanding summer evening outing when you are in the 9-12 range (and beyond, for sure).

10. We have discovered a new addition to the category of home improvement follies that we've come to call Guntherisms, in honor of this house's previous owner, Gunther. Upon beginning to beef up the ceiling joists, we slowly and painfully began to realize that every single current joist on the porch is 1/2" narrower than standard sizing. Why, oh, why?! So, as usual, it's two steps back before we can take one forward here. Every single 16-foot board on our porch is in the process of being trimmed 1/2". We're trying to focus on the positive here. For example, "Well, at least Jesse's getting lots of practice with the circular saw." Yippee?! :::rolling eyes:::

11. The Friends of Counted Embroidery group apparently has meetings at our library on occasion. If two stitchy type people just happen to be visiting the library during that time, they may be unable to resist a detour into the meeting to ooh and aah over other stitchers' finished objects. We spent over half an hour enjoying our time with the women of this group and all the while I was thinking that I *used* to be a stitcher, but it's been such a long time since I did anything with a threaded needle. It wasn't until I was almost asleep later that night that it occurred to me that I actually did quite a bit of stitching just a few months ago. D'oh.

12. When there are 30 work hours added to an already full work week, not much knitting is accomplished, but I did manage to finish a pair of socks and am happy to report that it's possible to get a kid-sized pair and an adult (shortish) pair out of one skein of Opal 6-ply, which we like very much.

13. In the past week, I have heard from three out of my four bridesmaids and two high school friends, and hung out with someone I've known from LaLeche League for >10 years. Nice!

14. The xmas knitting has begun. :-) There is a shark hat on Ravelry that makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Random stream of consciousness blog post, over and out!

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