Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ooh, now I get it!

Remember last week when I mentioned how I keep knitting and knitting, and not buying myself any new yarn, but the stash just doesn't seem to be getting any smaller? I now think I know how this might be possible. It occurred to me today, as I'm sitting at my desk surrounded by a giddy Leah's acquisitions of the past week.
The black yarn in the back right corner of the pic might be mine, to knit into socks for Scott, but there's silk in that yarn, so a certain somebody just might lay her cotton-pickin' fingers on it before I get around to it. At least the young designer has agreed to share her droolworthy new book with me, since I gave her a lift to the bookstore. :-)

Anyway, great weekend of camping, as expected. Rain on Saturday didn't dampen any spirits, especially since the kids were already playing in the river and didn't mind the raindrops one little bit. There was a parade (Leah marched in it, Jesse rode his bike alongside the best candy-throwing participants, and the rest of us cheered the whole thing on), a fascinating presentation about old cemeteries, fishing, s'mores, and the first stitches by a new knitter.
I mostly knit socks, but also made a couple of kid-sized hats for charity over the weekend. I still need to do some finishing work on them, but you get the idea. The patterns are from Knit Hats!, a book borrowed from the library.

The yarn is from a bag of leftover Lopi-like yarn. I don't think it's actual Lopi brand, but I used it when I made a bunch of Lopi style sweaters about 15 years ago and have had the remainder ever since, so I figured it's time to use up the leftovers and get that bag out of here. Three finished (first one knit the previous weekend) and still more to come. See? I'm trying to tidy up the stash, but it appears I'm going it alone. Maybe it's time to lower my goals a bit. Okay, so at least I'm tidying up the stash of Lopi-like yarn! Bah.
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Blogger Lorraine said...

Leah is such a sweetheart! And I thought you were a kindred spirit. At least I'm alone in my fiber obsession so far. All four kids know how to knit but the bug hasn't bitten them too hard . . . yet!

9:21 PM  

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