Tuesday, July 24, 2007

gathering data

I have occasionally wondered exactly how long I could be entertained by the process of creating fabric with sticks and string. There have been occasional longer snippets of knitting time that did not exhaust my interest, but this weekend was an opportunity for more extensive research. We were again camping in Vermont at a place where my kids happily alternate between riding their bikes, swimming in the river, and participating in the naturalist's offered activities. Scott toodles off to deeper areas of the river in hopes of catching us a fish dinner. often with success. This allows me the freedom to hang out by the campfire all alone (yeah!)...

walk the trails and share in the fun by the river (yeah!)...

and get my sometimes-way-too-grown-up 12 y.o. to model a goofy little kid hat with promises of s'mores. :-)

Preliminary results of this experiment indicate that three solid days of knitting, relaxing, and enjoying Vermont with my family is Still Not Enough. Luckily, there's much more to come this summer. Subsequent data collection will be evaluated and results reported in this technical journal.

(There was actually quite a bit more knitting accomplished, but these photos will have to suffice to illustrate my point for now, as work awaits.)
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Blogger Lorraine said...

Sounds like heaven - as long as there are no mosquitos or horse flys! What great projects for camping. Small and portable.

I'm trying to talk the DH into purchasing a tent, so we can introduce the kids to camping. My DH's idea of roughing it is a cheap hotel, though. It's an uphill battle.

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