Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Roy G Biv

I'm trying to clear out some random stuff from the stash, so when I found a small skein of one of Leah's first handspun yarn efforts, it seemed like a good candidate for some light summertime knitting of a winter hat. The handspun Grafton Fibers batt became the cuff and pom-pom of the Roy G. Biv hat, named with a nod to its bright rainbow hues.

Leah brought in the mail yesterday with a ratty, tattered package we sent out quite a while ago, apparently damaged during processing at the post office. The package originally contained the glass bead stitch markers we gave away a couple of weeks ago. We figured the stitch markers would surely be lost or shattered, but luckily, they were there and survived the rough handling. They have been repackaged and will be on their way to Cheryl of Seed Stitch again today!
There's been plenty of free time around here lately and the interior painting is just about finished, so Scott and I finally dove into destruction of The Ugliest Porch On The Face of the Planet, which is unfortunately situated on the back end of our house. As with every project in this old house, which had been terribly hacked by the previous owners, the porch required complete gutting and remodeling. We have struggled with the question of how to fix it for every one of the 13 years we've lived here. We finally stopped thinking about it and just DID IT yesterday. Yeah for progress, even if we need to take steps back before we can move forward!
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