Saturday, June 16, 2007

fuzzyfaces seeking homes

The three kittens and mama cat found in our tree stump are now ready to move on to permanent homes. The four of them have been living on our small enclosed front porch for a couple of weeks. They've had lots of play time with humans and exposure to our dog, Kodi. The kittens are eating solid food now and everyone's using the litter box. One kitten was adopted, so there's 1 male and 1 female left. They are just as adorable and friendly and fun as you can imagine.

The beautiful mama cat is also in need of a home. She's not very trusting, but she's not wild, either. She will sometimes let the kids pet her, but mostly prefers to keep to herself. She's probably best suited to a mostly independent life, maybe as a barn cat, but I bet she'd also warm up with a little more TLC.

I have not heard back from some families who were interested in them. While my hope is that those folks would still like to adopt these three beautiful kitties, I know there's a possibility that they'll back out so I'm putting these pics up in hopes of finding homes for them. If you're in/near CT and can adopt one or more, please send me a message at livnletlrn at gmail dot com.
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