Friday, June 01, 2007

WEBSward ho!

The Wednesday evening jaunt to Northampton, MA, to see the Yarn Harlot was every bit as much fun as we had hoped. We started with a visit to Webs to drop off our hat donations and nonperishables for the food bank collection, then to the Calvin Theater, where we all knit socks while waiting to go in. Upon entering the theater, everybody received a complimentary ball of yarn and set of needles with a request to knit a 7 x 7 inch square, in any pattern, for donation to Warm Up America. My yarn was rose and I did a basketweave square while there. Leah knit most of her green square while we were there and completed it last night. Our friends are still finishing theirs up too and they'll all be mailed or dropped off back at the store later. With 600+ attendees, that should make a nice collection of blankets.
Stephanie was a riot. I enjoyed hearing her more this time than when we saw her last year because all of the material was completely new to me. I was impressed with how funny the prepared talk was, but even more so by her spontaneous comments when the audience was asking questions afterward. Some of the audience participation was poignant, some inspirational, and some was hysterically funny.

After the theater emptied, we joined friends in the bar for some locally crafted refreshments and a little quality knitting time. Back to Webs for a short visit in a festive atmosphere to top off the night. Home late (again) during a big work week, but worth it.
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Blogger amy said...

I'm jealous. There's no way I could make the trip midweek at night. I'm hoping the Harlot eventually comes to southern New England again, maybe a little closer. I'm so bummed. It sounds like a great night, and I like Northampton, too.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

What a cool charity idea! Will they post photos of the resulting blankets anywhere?

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Kris said...

Hi Debbie! Thanks for the commment on the blog. Yes, we do have many things in common. I've seen Glastonbury Glassworks around - the stuff you had at TAC was great. We are close - I'm in New Britain. I actually grew up in Marlborough and my husband grew up in Glastonbury. Small world! I was quite impressed with HARC when I went over there. I worked for the ARC in Syracuse, NY for a year or so. I currently work for Gilead Community Services in Middletown. You're so close - ever consider coming to SnB Newington? We meet on Wednesday evenings, 6:30ish to 9ish. This week we move to the new Stew Leondards on Berlin Tpke (we used to be at Atlanta Bread). Join us if you can!

7:07 AM  

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