Tuesday, May 29, 2007

hat-o-rama mama

The weather has turned warm, perfect for knitting smaller projects that don't rest on the lap and give a knitter heat stroke. Combine this with a desire to stash dive in an effort to weed out a bit and we seem to have a lot of hats popping up around here.

First is this sweet baby hat was knit by my mom recently. It was her first stranded project and it turned out great. It's a Dale of Norway pattern that you may have seen on this blog before, knit in Dalegarn Baby Ull leftover from the ill-fated ladybug sweater, accented with leftover variegated Lorna's Laces sock yarn.
And here are eight hats ready for contribution to the hat collection for charity at Webs' Yarn Harlot event tomorrow. Some have been seen here as they were made and others were recently added to the growing pile. They cover a pretty broad spectrum, from alpaca to acrylic, handspun to commercially available yarn, purchased patterns to freebies to made up on the fly, stranded to wet felted (felted loose roving, not knitted first) to peg-knitted. Leah and I each have another hat on the needles now and hope to finish them by tomorrow, although they could always go to the Dulaan project if they're not done in time, as it's been a while since we donated a batch there.

Back to the hat-o-rama we go, enjoying this evening of weather that is pure perfection!
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