Friday, April 20, 2007

good morning sunshine!

After many days of rain, the sun peeked out for a short time yesterday, which of course caused us to celebrate the increasing signs of spring with a campfire dinner while kids were in the treehouse. Nephew Zach is here for a sleepover. He and Leah were up bright and early this morning to greet a crystal clear day. I suggested they find something quiet to do while Jesse was still sleeping. I came down the stairs a little while later to find them happily spinning and listening to Jim Weiss storytelling while the solar-powered crystal spinner projected rainbows all over the first floor rooms.

In case there's not an avid fisherman in your life and you weren't aware, tomorrow morning is opening day for trout season. Scott fishes for whatever's legal year-round (yes, including ice fishing, fly fishing, deep sea fishing), but opening day is special, so I'm told. Calls from the fishing buddies, most of whom we've known since we were all about 15, and the weekend's camping plans started weeks ago. The guys are atwitter, especially given the stellar forecast, and the rest of us are equally enthusiastic about seeing them so excited. Go get 'em, fishermen!
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