Friday, May 04, 2007

sharing the skills

I thought to myself for a second, "Why don't I have much knitting progress to show lately?" Then I realized the main rooms upstairs and down have had new coats of paint this week -- yeah! (We still need to work on some of the smaller rooms, stairway and upstairs hall, but good progress so far.) We had a surprise visit with an old friend on Tuesday and have been out to one place or another with friends every evening. We've also had the pleasure of helping three people join in on the fun of some of our favorite hobbies.

One is learning to sew her own clothing, following a pattern.

One is off to a fine start as a fisherman.
And one is knitting a hat as her first project.

And now I'm off to a big day of work to balance out all this playtime, with a stellar weekend on the horizon!
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