Monday, April 09, 2007

button baker

Scott's really having fun with this buttonmaking lately. He's refining his method of making the shanks on the back, so now they're turning out very well. He has gotten much better at shaping and smoothing the boro, which is new to him, so now both the domes and disks are super smooth and pleasantly shaped. He has started to add slices of millefiore to some of the buttons -- see the skull button in the front left corner, and another skull to the right midway back, and some flowers to the left of that row, and a fun sunny face next to that? What I've been unable to capture in a pic so far is the slightly iridescent/metallic sheen to the blue/green frit when the sunshine hits it. Really nice -- snazzy, but in a subtle way. These ones are all 16 mm diameter, nice normal button size to complement handknits, not honkin' sizes to overpower them. Playtime for the beadmakerbaker now includes buttonmaking too!
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