Saturday, July 08, 2006

when Gram comes to town

My grandma has been here from Pittsburgh for the past week, so we've been enjoying as much time with her as possible. Much excited chatter from all of us about her upcoming trip, cruising with a bunch of friends in her AARP group to visit most of the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea -- Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia! Go Gram!!

This is Leah with her GiGi (short for Great Grandma) watching backyard fireworks from my mom's deck after lobsterfest - mmmm.

And here's a pic of Gram with her great grandkids (Zach 7, Leah 8, Jesse 11), to document how fast they're growing.
And here she is, celebrating her 87th birthday (with a lone 2 candle?), the ever-present crossword puzzles within reach.
We took her to the airport this morning, so she's back in Pittsburgh by now and looking forward to a day at Kennywood amusement park tomorrow. Always something interesting going on, always something fun to try! Posted by Picasa


Blogger DesertGirl said...

Grams looks fantastic! I'm so glad your kids are getting to have such a special woman in their lives.

I bet it was wonderful to have her around.

10:42 PM  

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