Thursday, June 08, 2006

bearly here, then off again!

Okay, queer title, but it's how things feel. Within the past day or two, we finally feel like we got settled back in from the trip to Pennsylvania -- mowed the lawn, caught up on laundry and work (oh so much work), visited and chatted with many friends, etc. -- and off we go again to Nova Scotia tomorrow. Still, we're definitely looking forward to it because we'll have a cottage on the beach and lots of interesting places to check out while we're there!

The little bear above is Leah's own design, knit as a birthday gift for a friend. It's a mini version of the bear she made in April, which was donated to the Mother Bear Project. She is especially proud that her own handspun yarn was used for the bear's shirt. It makes me happy to see her just dive into a project from her imagination, confident that she'll figure out how to make it happen, and usually quite successful. (Sorry for the cruddy picture quality. We were rushing out the door when I snapped the shot and must have had a setting wrong on my camera or something.)

Jesse is tickled that his invention demonstration videos have been viewed over 80 times! Inspired to do more, now that he's found a way to show his stuff to others besides his family, he's working on something top secret right now that involves wire cutters, paper clips, balloons, a Nerf gun, and K'nex. Hmmm...

One of Leah's pals is here for a sleepover. They put on fancy dresses, set up a tent in her bedroom, and spent the evening sewing doll clothes in there. ??? :-)

I'm off to work on my own top secret project, which is coming along nicely, except for my increasing concern about a possible gauge problem. I am perplexed by this, since I did a gauge swatch at the beginning and all was good. So this project may end up being scrapped after all. We'll see.

Talk to you all when we get back from Canada. The newest issue of Spindlicity magazine should come out while we're away and Leah will have another article in there, so check it out! Posted by Picasa


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