Wednesday, June 07, 2006

a beady little breather

Whoo boy. I usually don't mention my work too much, but right now I just have to because it's been all-consuming. (Luckily, this is only a temporary state of affairs.) I've been nose to the grindstone ever since we got home last week. I'm back on top of things now, just in time to head out for Nova Scotia. Took a few minutes yesterday and today to pay attention to Glastonbury Glassworks. Believe it or not, after much searching and umpteen tries, I finally got the Paypal buttons to work! And do you know how I did it? The exact same way I've been doing it since the very beginning!


See, Blogger has this Preview option when you're composing an entry, but it's basically useless because the Preview you see is not truly what will pop up on the screen when you publish. Generally, the spacing is off and the fonts don't look like they will, but in this case, the Preview showed all sorts of junk associated with the Paypal code. Of course, I didn't want to confirm and publish this junk, so I just kept thinking I wasn't doing something right. Finally, yesterday, I wondered how it would look if I did publish it. I figured if it looked like a big mess, I could delete it immediately and go back to the drawing board. Lo and behold, it did exactly what I wanted it to all along!

So okey dokey, then, today was time to clear out the sold beads and add some more to the offerings, with Paypal buttons for oh so much more clicky online convenience!

Otherwise, all that work in the past week has left me with little to show in the fiber department, but we did manage to get everything in order following the vacation to Pennsylvania and make reservations for upcoming trip to Nova Scotia, and keep all of our clients happy too, so that counts for something. Leah's been sewing like crazy, making an entire wardrobe for her doll. Jesse's fishing and reading and inventing. Scott has made a few new sets of beads, including some from glass we picked up at Youghiogheny Glass last week (pictures soon). I did some spinning of luscious colorways from Grafton Fibers, picked up at the Jamaica VT Fiber Fest. I'll probably ply my singles today and a picture will follow.

My last sign language class was last night. I'm sad to see it end, but happy that I was able to imagine a conversation with myself in sign on the way home and had another conversation in sign with Leah this morning. Jesse just rolls his eyes and groans, "Mommmm," when I do it, but he's picked up a few signs along the way too. We've learned about 300 signs in class, so I think that's pretty cool. I can't swing a summer session because it's 2 nights a week, but hopefully will be able to do the next level in the fall. We shall see. So much to explore... Posted by Picasa


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