Saturday, November 28, 2009


Leah and I were knitting along happily on our current WIPs this week when I noticed quite a few knitting bloggers spreading the word that the Red Scarf Project was way short of the number of scarves needed for its program, which gives handmade scarves to college-bound young adults who have aged out of the foster care system. Since neither of us was working on anything that's a rush, Leah and I talked it over and decided we'd set our current projects aside and take a detour for the Red Scarf Project. There was a possibility of LYS visit that evening anyway, but we agreed it would be even better if we could use stash yarn, so off she went for stash-tossing and later dumped this collection on my desk:
Hm. Seems like it's meant to be! We cast on Wed. afternoon, knit with friends Wed. evening and during It's a Wonderful Life on Thurs. evening. I did another foot or so while out with a friend last night and she's been working steadily on hers too. Not even 72 hours later, here's our progress:
Mine, on left, Palindrome pattern with spiffy reversible cables, Lamb's Pride Superwash in Shane's Red, 3 ft. long. Hers, on right, basketweave, Cascade 220 Superwash, Really Red (which is, in fact, really red, not pinkish as it looks in the picture. Have we discussed lately how much I dislike my new camera and am just about ready to drop a big wad on something infinitely better and NOT NIKON, since I'm unhappy with them?), about 2 ft. long so far.

We aim to finish them up this week so they'll reach the Orphan Foundation of America in advance of the Dec. 15 deadline. Easy peasy and feels good too.

In the post-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas bakery lull, Scott's been back at the torch this weekend. Cute little glass sheep stitch markers, dressed in their winter knits, coming up soon!
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Anonymous norma said...

Oh, thank you both so much for making this detour for our cause!!!

I've learned, after much trial and error, that the digital cameras love to have lots of white in the photo if photographing red -- and a tiny bit of a third color (I usually use a piece of yellow something or other) and then they behave! Try it before you dump money needlessly on another camera! I have done scarves in Really Red Cascade 220 Superwash, and I can attest that it is REALLY red, not pink. ;-)

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