Friday, September 11, 2009

quite content in quarantine

Because of the sickies around here, we've been sticking close to home the past few days. I've also had a light work week and was basically off work yesterday (IOW, I only did one "full-time" job). This hermit lifestyle suits me just fine, as it gives the chance to bounce from project to project, both the creative ones and from the to-do list in my head. Besides the button makeover I already blogged about, among the fun yesterday, there was:

First try at dyeing using acid dyes. We like!
More earrings made from Scott's beads.
Leah tells me they're extra cool if they don't match exactly.

Lace ribbon scarf blocking.
I never tire of the magical transformation with blocking.

Meanwhile, a certain someone rode her bike to the local needlework shop and came home all atwitter about xmas gifts in the works, sharing her excitement in only the vaguest of terms and challenging me to provide help without really knowing exactly what she's doing. So far, I know at least one of her secret projects involves a sewing machine and fusing fabrics, and supplies for other projects were bought at the needlework shop. She also finished stitching the Celtic knot on her Renaissance style gown.

I love that she's known by name at the local quilt shop, the local needlework shop, and at least two yarn stores. Good stuff.
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Blogger christinemm said...

Sorry to hear some of you are sick!

8:00 PM  
Blogger Turtle said...

sounds like all good stuff, except the sickies...which i have been fighting all week. (lol, although i did can 24 quarts today, so hopefully i don't get everyone sick this winter!)

8:33 PM  

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