Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Early morning monsoon over, it was a fine day at the farmers' market. Leah, in her role as a volunteer at the Nathan Hale Homestead, was given responsibility for taking payment for the horse-drawn carriage and pony cart rides offered in the upper field for the day. She decided that her snood (not the cap, not the bonnet) was the perfect head covering for such a task and bought a new bodice from one of the volunteers at Hale.
She put to use the hand-stitched pocket that she has been working on for a few days. She dug out some canvas from our fabric stash, drew her design, stitched it with hand-dyed embroidery threads leftover from our needlework obsession, and rummaged around for some ribbon trim (a variety of which was given to her by two of our friendly neighbors and has been put to use in many ways) to tie it around her waist.
After I helped Scott get the booth set up, I was off to the String Thing, a small but growing group of market-goers who bring along their hobbies to work on after they visit the vendors. Ooh, some droolworthy projects in that mix and again the easy-flowing conversation that seems to always be a component of such gatherings!

Eventually, the market was over, the booths packed back into vendors' cars and trucks, and the Hale Homestead volunteers had a meeting. This included discussing their part in the season's many planned activities and events while chopping vegs and cooking veggie soup in the Hale kitchen's fireplace, then feasting together in the side yard and finishing off their party meeting with the leftovers from the Hale tea and cake sales of the day -- tea flavored with mint grown in the homestead's garden and sweets made from recipes from Nathan Hale's time.

Since only one of those volunteers is too young to drive, her chauffeur couldn't have been happier to wait in the sunshine, with the silence interrupted in the most pleasant of ways by an occasional passerby on horseback.


Rebecca Z, your bead idea turned out well, I think! Leave a comment that includes your email addy and/or Ravname so I can contact you directly. Pic to come soon!
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Blogger Rebecca Z. said...

Oh Joy.

Best contact is rebecca(dot)zicarelli(at)gmai(dot)com

And I've got a good trick for you that I've been working on.

I've been working on a lace pattern called Tilted Blocks, from Barbara Walkers 2nd treasury. It's basically (ssk,yo)4 times, k 8 for four front-side rows, then k8, (yo,k2tog) 4 times for the next for front-side rows. It produces a fabric with a bias pulling it this way and then that, hence the name "tilted block."

but it's a lot of ssking. ugh.

I remembered reading in books by both Teva Durham and Annie Modsett (Spelling?) that they'd taught themselves to knit, and purled wrong; wrapping the yarn the opposite direction, so that the leading leg of the loop was at the back of the needle instead of the front -- just what you get when you do a ss. At least one of the wild experts, Durham or Modsett, called it "combination knitting," a term she said she found in a Priscilla Gibson-Roberts book.

So I've been practicing my wrapping. (I knit continental, so it's really a matter of how you pick the yarn. And that makes me a picker, too. Now where's my uke?)

The fun part is it really makes you look at your work. But it's not knitting for talking, watching, etc.

Thank you so much for the saxaphone; our 28 anniversary is coming up, and it will be my gift.

Leah's pocket is beautiful; please tell her.

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