Friday, March 06, 2009

sometimes we make the pretties

and sometimes we make a mess.

Here's a pretty:

Merino and tencel from Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm, spun the thinnest this fairly newbie spinner has been able to manage so far, then Navajo plied, which is a new-to-me technique. You can see toward the left of the skein where the Navajo plying got away from me a few times, but by the end of it, I think I was doing a decent job. Wet finished the skein last night, upon nudges from two other spinners in this household, who claim that we don't own enough bobbins and it's not fair for me to have one tied up with my singles and then not spin for a while. Sheesh -- the peer pressure!

The mess that we've been making? Oh, that would be Jesse's room. Until this morning, it was woefully outdated and outgrown, still decorated with all the fishies painted 14+ years ago by people who were excited about his impending arrival. I realized this morning that we had a fairly wide open day ahead of us. Five hours later, his room looks like this:

Yes, a mess! But it's forward progress, so Yay! We already took the sheetrock to the dump and I'm sitting with ice on my shoulder now. Tomorrow we'll take down the ceiling and insulation, and tear up the carpet. And then we'll have to figure out how we want to put it all back together in a style befitting its teenage resident!

Okay, enough of the messies. Let's go back to the pretties! Namely, Leah's Cece cardigan. The V-neck decreases are underway and she might be able to join the sleeves to the body tonight.

I'm off to clean the destruction debris off me and then work a while on the Taize scarf I cast on yesterday. I wish the pattern came with a little chart that I could clip to my project (so I'll prob. make my own), but otherwise I'm loving this design. Another of the pretties to balance out the messes!
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Blogger christinemm said...

Wow what a project! Scary!

Leah's knitting is lovely. Amazing!

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Jean said...

That kind of mess would make me nuts until it was all done. Precisely why I want to buy a new house when we get to Texas. lol. Cece is looking very pretty.

6:01 AM  

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