Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the same, but different

I gave Jesse a lift to a few events related to his hobbies in the past few days. His interests are waaayyyy different from mine, but there are some definite similarities too.

For instance, there are proud show-and-tells with FOs...
...such as the maiden voyages of awesome model rockets at our local model rocketry group's monthly launch.

There are people flashing their stashes...

...such as the yo-yo collections at the Massachusetts State yo-yo competition.

And there are lots of people playing with string...

The guy in this video was from the 2008 competition, not this year's, but it gives you a good idea of the mind-blowing tricks that yo-yo players do now.
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Blogger Rani said...

Very Cool!

11:11 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

All I can picture is trying to untangle the mess of string I would have if I tried any of those tricks!

8:04 AM  
Anonymous CTJen said...

I was just about to say exactly what Donna said. Amazing!

8:14 AM  

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