Thursday, December 04, 2008


This blogging in December thing has its challenges. Soooo many things can't be shown quite yet. Here, though, is something with no particular destination, except possibly around my neck.
This is the Ilean neckwarmer stitch pattern, done in Misti Alpaca, but I didn't have enough yarn to do the whole thing and prefer neckwarmers that button around my neck (instead of cowls that pull over my head), so the pattern's actually been morphed quite a bit. Supremely easy stitch pattern, perfect for social knitting situations. I added three of Scott's buttons and have so far come up with at least three ways of buttoning it through the countless holes for different wearing styles. I'm not sure if it shows in the pic (since I can't figure out if this pic is overexposed or underexposed -- curse those dark wintery afternoons), but the purply/blue misty swirls in the glass beads coordinate beautifully with the navy blue yarn w/ finest hints of purple blended in. Best of all? Alpaca. 'Nuf said.

Donna at Knit1Spin2 sent out some kind words about Leah's projects, which certainly put a smile on her face this morning. Funny, though, that nobody's seen much of what she's doing lately. She is clearly in elf mode, holed up in her room with gifts-in-progress, only emerging to rummage around in the yarn/fabric/thread stash and then smugly close her bedroom door behind her again. She's working on legwarmers for herself, inspired by the legwarmers of a friend who visited here last weekend. Those she'll knit in public and among family members, but everything else is hush-hush.

Well, almost everything. I did notice some predrafted BFL and angora/merino spread out on a table this morning. The angora blend was a gift from Chris at Woolybuns when Leah interviewed her for a Spindlicity article way back when, and the pinky-purply BFL was a gift from our fab-o LYS, Creative Fibers, as thanks for spontaneously helping some customers while there. Hmmm...busy little elf!
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Blogger artinreality said...

Love the neck warmer!

6:29 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

pretty neckwarmer - and Scott's buttons always finish any item to perfection!

Glad Leah was happy with the blog mention. I bet you all can't wait to see what she comes out with on Christmas morning.

Glad to see Spindlicity is back up and running again - I was afraid they had just gone away....

9:24 AM  

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