Sunday, October 26, 2008

recommended daily allowance

Yesterday was a blustery, dreary, gray day. Remedy? Hook up with a friend first thing in the morning and head north to the Franklin County Fiber Twist, where we exceeded our recommended daily doses of color, friendship, and inspiration!

It all started with a hooked rug display -- finished rugs, works in progress, kits and supplies, knowledgeable and fun folks. This art form keeps popping up in our lives and it's soooo tempting to give it a try. I don't even want to start with the wool fabric collection and strip-making, but didja know you can do it with yarns too? Hm. ;-)
Then into the room of vendors of other wonderful wooly goodness. Ran smack dab into our friend, Leslie Wind, whose cable needle necklace, a gift from Leslie, Leah was wearing because she's using it for the current cabled neckwarmer-in-progress.

There were supplies for fiber arts of all kinds, demos, finished items, patterns, kits. Ooh, the colors, the textures!

We bumped into a lot of folks we know as we wandered the booths and met more along the way. An incredible number of people recognize Leah at these events and stop to talk to her, ask about her current WIP (handwarmers w/ a sideways stranded cuff, a design she's making up on the fly), or compliment some piece of knitwear that she has on for the day.

For years, Gail, the Kangaroo Dyer, has made a point of chatting with Leah whenever we stop in at Webs, where Gail works. Leah must've made an impression on her during some visit long ago because Gail never fails to recognize her and strike up a conversation.

As I was paying Gail's husband for some dreamy handpainted roving at their booth yesterday, Gail suddenly turned and handed Leah these two huge, GORGEOUS skeins of laceweight yarn in shades of deep cranberry red to black, along with a coordinating skein of black w/ red undertones...something fuzzy...mohair?...again, GORGEOUS...and says, "I want you to have these!" The Goob, as you can imagine, was blown away by the kindness and just happens to also be ga-ga over the yarn.

By the time we left the Fiber Twist, my bag looked like this...
There were also some other bags of fluff hanging from the outside of my backpack. OMG, the colors.

Inspired by Gail's dyeing demo at the Fiber Twist and others we've seen in the past, we popped in at Webs on the way home. While browsing the dye colors, another customer struck up a conversation with us and offered some suggestions. Her colorful fingers identified her as an avid dyer. She sells as DK Knits and it's a good thing she dyes for a living because her enthusiasm for it is contagious. She bubbled over with ideas for blending the dye colors we were buying and helpful hints for achieving certain goals.

Dropped our friend off back at her house, swung by our house to pick up Jesse, then to get nephew Zach and off to see a performance of Willie Wonka, in which a family of friends has been actively involved. It was a colorful, fun, clever performance that we all enjoyed immensely. Saw my sister's Dominican Republic vacation pics, schemed some Halloween costume ideas, and helped my mom learn to do magic loop on a wee bunny she's making to tuck into the chest pocket of a sweet dress she's knitting for a friend's daughter. A short night of sleep and I had to laugh this morning when I saw that one of the DK Knits lines is Wonka-inspired semi-solid/tonal colorways. Yum!

Recommended daily allowance of fibery goodness achieved!
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Anonymous CTJen said...

you always have the BEST saturdays!!

8:51 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

How weird! Dennis and I were in WEBS on Saturday, too! We stopped by on our way up to NH...he may have been seen sitting on the couches up front with a big ol' cranky face. :)

12:59 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

I was really tempted to go up to the Fiber Twist but restrained myself after Rhinebeck last week.

I love DK Knits! I bought some nice sock yarn from her at the RI Sheep and Wool this year.

7:56 AM  

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