Friday, September 19, 2008

that'll do

What I ended up doing last night is tearing the batt into narrow single-color strips, stacking a few and smooshing them together before a little pre-drafting.
Seems to be working well. There are short areas of only 1 color in the ply, but most of it has twistiness of a couple/few of the colors together. I have 3 of these batts, so I plan to spin one batt in the smooshy blended way and the others with longer, but still random, single color intervals.
In my imagination, it'll turn into a baby surprise jacket w/ the blended yarn at the cuffs and neck/button band edges, semi-stripey elsewhere. I wonder if it'll actually turn out anything like that. Will be fun to see!
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Blogger Donna said...

I can see that making a fine baby surprise for sure! I might try to get to that fair tomorrow. Maybe I will see you......

7:45 PM  

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