Thursday, September 18, 2008

Attention: spinner friends!

It's been one of those weeks, IYKWIM. There may have even been tears. I'm giving myself this evening off. I already took a nap and that helped a lot. Just had a yummy dinner and now I'm gonna plop down in front of the tube and watch a flick. Rare for this to be my plan for the evening, but honestly, I'm toast. No guilt, no goals.

So, I found myself rummaging through the roving stash and came up with 8 oz. of an oh so (not) surprising colorway for me ;-) -- blue, green, purple. I don't think I want stripes, so I'm trying to spin the colors into each other to tone it down and blend it a bit. Problem for this newbie spinner is that the stripes are going parallel with the fibers, so if I were to tear the batt into strips, I'd get strips of a single color and that's not how I want it. At least I think it's not how I want it. I don't know what this yarn will be and I barely even know how to spin and I'm kind of a basket case tonight anyway, so who knows what I really want?

Anyway, I'm trying to randomly bring in fibers of the different colors as I go, but it's a little bit of a struggle to keep all four colors involved, even intermittently. Maybe it's easier for people with more experience, but for me at this point, it's a challenge. Or maybe it's the nature of the beast when the different dye colors are applied parallel with the fibers.

The kids just pushed Play for the movie, so I'm going to spin and veg, but I'd appreciate any suggestions about how you'd handle this roving. Actually, while I was typing this up, it occurred to me that this could make a fun baby surprise jacket. Maybe some with the barberpole-y blended yarn, some with single color stripey yarn. That's good plan so no matter what, it'll work out well, but I'd still like to learn a little more about my options to have more control over it, so LMK if you have any tricks, please!

BTW, check us out approx. halfway down the Coventry Farmers' Market newsletter for the Fiber Twist this Sunday. Looking forward to a great day!
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Blogger JoVE said...

I've seen people pull batts apart either way. So try gently easing it apart so you get a narrower chunk with all the colours in it and then work with that.

Or, separate each colour, stack them on top of each other and then draft so that you get some of each. (that's hard to describe but I've spun with a Grafton Fibres batt that seemed to have the colours sort of stacked, and if you pulled it out just right everything blended.)

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