Wednesday, January 02, 2008

serious times call for silly measures

I've had a couple of months of "just" working my regular work and have enjoyed it immensely, but there's a vacation coming up and one of my clients was in need, so I'm doing an extra work gig for a while. Might last a few weeks, might be a long-term (but morphed) thing. Either way is fine with me, but for now it's an extra 20+ hours of work per week, in an office. It's enjoyable, for sure, but it also makes my days a little more hectic. I've since noticed that my "off" time is much more....hmm, playful? lighthearted?, those aren't the right words because it makes it sound like that's not the case normally, when it is indeed. I don't know how to describe it except maybe to say that the fun-ness level is maintained, but it's intensified to fit into less time.

Anyway, the result over the past week includes so very many fun outings and great times with family and friends, along with some very playful projects. Scott worked up some watercolor floral lampwork beads and I strung them into this cheerful necklace. Sorry for the cruddy pic. It really deserves a better shot, but I'm having a hard time getting one. Lots of color and sparkle to this one.
New Year's Eve silliness included drumming, a carousel ride, manning the dragon in a parade of many large puppets and goofy people making noise and having fun (that's Jesse in the lead, Leah in blue pants behind him, a bunch of other kids behind her, and Scott way back at the tail of the dragon), fireworks, warming up around a campfire, tour of a historic home, and seeing a play that's a take-off on Dickens' Christmas Carol. Gotta love First Night, where we've frolicked on most New Year's Eves since having kids. Edited to add: Oh, and Shakespearean break dancing. I kid you not. Serious silliness! And hi to the knitter we met at Ebeneeza!)
Leah is also working on funstuff, including this Golden Compass hat, a stashbuster that knits up fast with big needles and multiple strands of yarn held together. Thick and warm too.
Silliest of all would have to be this froggie hat that has been giving me a giggle for a few days. It's modeled here on 2 stacked yarn cakes, approximately 1-3 year-old size. The yarn is some discontinued stuff that we got on sale at Webs this summer. It knit up into a super soft and squishy fabric, downsized to 71 stitches around. Can't help but smile with this one.
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Blogger Jen said...

First night sounds positively fun and silly! The beads are gorgeous. :-)

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